Chairman, President, CEO Southern Company - Thomas A. Fanning

Tom Fanning, CEO of Southern Company
Tom Fanning, Chairman, President, CEO Southern Company

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Thomas A. (Tom) Fanning is chairman, president and chief executive officer of Southern Company, one of America's largest producers of electricity. As an advocate for Southern Company's 4.5 million customers, Fanning has called for a comprehensive, common sense national energy policy that helps achieve North American energy security. Southern Company supports a policy based on three guiding principles: 1) developing the full energy portfolio (nuclear, 21st century coal, natural gas, renewables and energy efficiency); 2) investing in energy innovation; and 3) restoring America's financial integrity.

Southern Company is the only company in America committed to developing a full portfolio of energy resources and investing in robust proprietary research and development. Through its subsidiaries, Southern Company is building the first new nuclear units in a generation in Georgia; using proprietary cutting-edge coal gasification technology to build a facility in Mississippi that generates electricity from coal with a carbon footprint better than that of a natural gas-fired plant; and has added or announced more than 3,600 megawatts of renewable generation since 2012.

To restore America's financial integrity, Fanning supports a plan based on three main objectives: 1) executing energy policymaking through Congress; 2) restoring the national balance sheet; and 3) enacting comprehensive tax reform.