Senior customer service representative Angela Tillman (left) shares a laugh with one of her favorite customers, Pansy Kyzar, on the streets of downtown Columbia, Miss. Every month like clockwork, Kyzar visits the Mississippi Power office in Columbia to pay her bill and catch up with Tillman and the rest of the staff.

If you’re walking down Main Street just about anywhere in the Southern Company system, chances are there’s a local office nearby. Our traditional operating companies have 260 offices located in cities and towns across the Southeast, where about a third of our customer transactions occur face to face. In fact, no other electric utility in America has the same level of local office penetration that we do. And those offices are more than just bricks and mortar. Our employees are active members of the community who collectively donated more than 250,000 volunteer hours in 2011, bolstered by our more than $28 million in charitable contributions. It’s the kind of personal approach that’s been winning us accolades for years. And for those who prefer high-tech to high-touch, we offer ever-expanding services via the Internet, where customers can pay their bills, learn how to lower energy costs, turn their service on or off, report an outage, read about our community activities and much more. (continued on next page)