Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Lesson Plans and Curriculum

The NEED Project

Promotes an energy conscious and educated society through multi-sided energy education programs.

Alliance to Save Energy

A wealth of energy lesson plans for grades K-12 developed by and for teachers.

TEACH Engineering

298 lesson plans for grades K-12 that teach engineering principles.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Nuclear-related subjects with instructional units that can be modified to be taught by teachers with varying degrees of knowledge in this subject area.

U.S Department of Energy

The Interactive SMART grid simulator - by taking the time to learn more about the grid, you can learn how we as consumers fit into the big picture, and how we can reduce our own home energy costs.

National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER)

A not-for-profit education foundation that develops industry-driven standardized craft training program with portable credentials to help address the critical workforce shortage facing the construction industry.

Electricity 101

An overview of the electric power industry provided by Edison Electric Institute.