Military Veterans

Military Veterans

Find out what other veterans know about working at Southern Company.

Matthew Ortiz

"I strongly believe this company understands America has the best military in the world. Veterans bring a fresh set of eyes and unique skill set invaluable to any company."

Kristy Stringer

"I am very honored and excited about doing something that might help other veterans transition," Kristy Stringer of appearing on the cover of G.I. Jobs magazine. In the feature story, entitle "Power Move," Kristy shared her story of transitioning from military service to Southern Company employee.

John Mike Hardy

"The company's culture of safety, professionalism and being your brothers' and sisters' keeper is easy for me to relate to from my experience in the Air Force."

David Hart

The transition from the Navy to Southern Nuclear was natural for David Hart, a shift support supervisor at Plant Vogtle 3 and 4. 

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