Employment Testing

Employment Testing

Southern Company utilizes pre-employment testing on certain jobs to identify and assess a candidate's abilities and skills when they are required. Our pre-employment tests have been validated and shown to be job-related, fair, objective and a consistent means to help identify qualified candidates for these jobs.

Testing Process

  1. Candidate applies for a job
  2. Recruiter reviews applicant information and selects candidates to test
  3. Selected candidates are invited to test via test invitation email notification
  4. Candidate registers for test electronically via instructions in the test invitation email notification
  5. Candidate attends test session
  6. Candidate retrieves results via Company Employment Test Results line 1-800-457-2981

Prepare Yourself

If you have received an invitation to test or want to explore the types of tests we give, access practice tests or test preparation materials from the practice test boxes to the right. Utilizing these practice test or preparation tips may improve your chances of qualifying.

To use the EEI links to the right, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups from eei.org.

I Qualified, What Next?

  1. The pool of test qualified candidates is reviewed by a recruiter and/or hiring manager and candidates are selected to advance in the employment selection process.
  2. If you are not selected to advance in the employment selection process, your qualified test results are considered valid until the position requirements change or the test itself changes.

I did not Qualify, What Next?

To retake a test , you must reapply for a new position requiring that test and be selected and invited via test invitation email notification.

Retest Policy

Candidates are eligible to be invited to retest 45 days after the last unsuccessful attempt. Retesting is by invitation only.

Accommodations In Testing

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you have a disability that you feel requires special arrangements to take a test, please let us know at the time that you are registering to take a test by clicking the TEST HELP button which will allow you to e-mail us your request.

Testing Information

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