Report Parameters

Report Parameters

The Corporate Responsibility Report for Southern Company contains information concerning the economic, environmental and social responsibilities of the company and its subsidiaries.

You will find relevant performance data in each section of the report. Content is updated throughout the year as new data becomes available. Figures generally reference five-year trends through December 31 of the most recent calendar year unless otherwise noted.

The organization of content in this report is based largely on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. GRI is a multi-stakeholder group that seeks to provide a credible framework for sustainability reporting for companies in a variety of industries. Applicable subjects from the guidelines are indexed to the relevant pages of our report. For more on GRI, visit

In addition to this online Corporate Responsibility Report — and in response to shareholder requests — we have also produced other relevant reports and disclosure materials, including the Carbon Disclosure ReportCoal Combustion Residuals Report, and Water Action Report.

We welcome your comments and suggestions concerning these reports and materials, and invite you to provide comments by e-mail

Data in this report may occasionally differ from data reported by EPA. Discrepancies generally involve a difference in the attribution of ownership of generation facilities. Some numbers reflect data associated only with facilities that are wholly owned and operated by Southern Company, while others may include data from facilities in which Southern Company has only a partial ownership interest.

Stakeholder View

The urgency and magnitude of risks and threats...alongside increasing choice and opportunities, make transparency about economic, environmental, and social impacts a fundamental component in effective stakeholder relations.
-From the preface to GRI guidelines