Balanced Energy Policy

A Plan for America's Energy Future

Southern Company believes a comprehensive, common sense national energy policy is needed to help America achieve energy security and ensure clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy for customers. It should be based on three guiding principles:

  • Developing the full energy portfolio (new nuclear, 21st century coal, natural gas, renewables and energy efficiency)
  • Making energy innovation a national priority
  • Restoring America's financial integrity

The Full Portfolio

Southern Company is the only electric utility company in America investing in the full portfolio of resources for America's energy future and engaged in robust proprietary energy technology research and development. Through its subsidiaries, Southern Company is:

  • Building two new state-of-the-art nuclear power units in Georgia
  • Constructing a facility in Mississippi that will use cutting-edge technology to gasify coal and generate electricity with a carbon footprint better than a similarly sized natural gas plant
  • Partnering with Turner Renewable Energy on solar projects in New Mexico, Nevada, California and North Carolina
  • Operating North America's largest wood-fired biomass generating facility in Texas
  • Adding more wind and solar power for our customers in Georgia and Alabama
transmission lines

Leading Energy Innovation

Southern Company is building on its decades-long legacy of innovative solutions with the industry's leading research and development organization. Among other things, we manage and operate the U.S. Department of Energy's National Carbon Capture Center and have established one-of-a-kind research centers dedicated to reducing mercury emissions and managing water resources related to electricity generation. Through these and other initiatives, we are focused on finding real energy solutions.


Financial Integrity

Energy is one of the world's most capital-intensive industries. Southern Company alone invests up to $6 billion in capital expenditures each year. The success of any energy policy depends upon the existence of strong economic markets. Restoring America's financial integrity involves three key components:

  • Reining in overreaching regulation and returning to Congress the responsibility for energy policymaking
  • Restoring America's balance sheet by addressing our growing national debt
  • Enacting comprehensive tax reform that enables capital formation and, in turn, economic growth