Economic and Community Development

Economic Development

Our financial performance is closely linked to the economic health and prosperity of the geographic locations and communities we serve. A growing economy means more jobs and a higher quality of life for the people in our region.

Economic development efforts by Southern Company subsidiaries to expand and attract business to our service territories resulted in some $24 billion in capital investment and more than 34,000 new jobs in 2015.

Economic development departments at our operating companies offer growth and relocation information for businesses. Groundbreaking ceremonies like this one result when communities and companies fit. Shown here, Pepsi will invest $49 million in a 234,804 square-foot facility near Hattiesburg, Miss. The plant will employ about 54 people. Mississippi Power economic development worked in conjunction with the Area Development Partnership and Mississippi Development Authority to bring the bottling facility to the area.

Community Development

Community development goes beyond recruiting businesses to the Southeast. We also work regionally to get communities ready for commerce, which includes educating the work force. For example, we support the Community Coach program in Georgia. Coaches are business volunteers who support local high school graduation coaches in their efforts to increase graduation rates. In several areas we offer new teacher assistance grants. These $1,000 grants go for classroom supplies to new teachers entering the classroom for the first time. We also work with the International Council of Shopping Centers to jump-start retail recruitment in underdeveloped communities.

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