Corporate Responsibility

Throughout the history of Southern Company, our longstanding practice has been to keep customers at the center of every decision we make. We often use the phrase "bigger than our bottom line" to describe a deeply-rooted sense of community -- an obligation, if you will -- to make the lives of the families and businesses we serve better off because we're there.

We start at the local level, where we staff local offices with very clear objectives for providing value to customers: the best reliability at the best price with the best service possible.

We're also engaged in the communities we serve. We're active in schools and churches and in youth athletics. We are committed to be good stewards of our environment through sustainable practices, and we participate in collaborative partnerships to conserve natural habitat and protect wildlife.

But sustainability is not just an environmental concept. As employees of Southern Company, our responsibility is to provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. Providing that foundation to the economy of the Southeast helps facilitate a truly sustainable business environment for our region.

That is our sense of mission and purpose, coupled with a strong conviction that the work we do really matters. And while the importance of our work may be evident when we're restoring power in the wake of a tornado or hurricane, there is much more to Southern Company than simply keeping the lights on. For the families and businesses we serve, we represent hope for a better quality of life and an energized economy. That's a big mission, and it's important that we succeed. I invite you to find out more concerning our progress toward this vision in the pages of this Corporate Responsibility Report.

Thomas A Fanning
Chairman, President and CEO
Southern Company


Business Overview

Southern Company seeks to provide electricity to its customers with outstanding reliability and superior service at competitive prices.

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Environmental Responsibility

From carbon capture research to collaborative partnerships for the preservation of fragile ecosystems, Southern Company is committed to environmental responsibility.

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Social Responsibility

Throughout its history, Southern Company has developed and sustained a highly skilled and stable workforce.

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Southern Company fosters collaborative partnerships to conserve habitat, protect wildlife, develop communities and accomplish other services.

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Committed Governance

We are meeting our challenge to serve the ever-growing need for electricity while continuing to minimize the impact of electricity production on the environment.

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