Smart Power


Southern Company, the premier energy provider to the southeastern U.S., believes the key to meeting our growing energy demand is a broad portfolio of available energy resources, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, 21st century coal, new nuclear, natural gas and hydro.

We are aggressively working to reduce demand growth through our efficiency and conservation programs. And, we are taking action to increase the role of renewables in the generation of electricity, consistent with the availability of resources that ensure a continued supply of reliable and affordable energy.


  • Operating one of nation's largest wood biomass plants, Nacogdoches Generating Facility, in Texas
  • Operating 139-megawatt (MW) Campo Verde Solar Project in California; 30-MW Spectrum Solar Facility and 20-MW Apex Solar Facility in Nevada; 50-MW Macho Springs Solar Facility and 30-MW Cimarron Solar Facility in New Mexico, and 2.5-MW Granville Solar Facility in North Carolina
  • Entered into an agreement to purchase 250 MW of wind energy, effective Jan. 2016
  • Wind data-gathering tests ongoing in Alabama and Georgia
  • Offering green energy options to customers
  • 34 hydro facilities in Alabama and Georgia


  • First utility in 30-plus years to build new nuclear
  • Adding 2,200 megawatts in Georgia
  • Startups planned for 2017 and 2018

21st Century Coal

  • Managing the National Carbon Capture Center
  • Building transport integrated gasification (TRIG) plant with carbon capture technology in Mississippi - licensed technology to China
  • Demonstrating carbon capture technology

Natural Gas

  • Important to maintaining reliable generation for the future
  • Acquired 600-megawatt natural gas plant in Georgia
  • McDonough conversion

Distributed Generation

  • Ongoing projects to research and promote distributed generation
  • Solar applications on billboards in Florida
  • Solar applications on headquarters buildings in Alabama and Georgia


Southern Company Highlights

We are on schedule to be the first U.S. utility in more than 30 years to build new nuclear-powered generation.

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Southern Company & Department of Energy Partnerships

We have worked closely with the DOE over the past four decades on a wide variety of projects.

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We are building one of the nation's largest wood biomass plants in Texas.

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Plant Vogtle

We're building Vogtle units 3&4.

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Kemper County Energy Facility

Kemper County Energy Facility to realize new nuclear and 21st century coal technologies.

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The recent purchase of a fifth solar facility more than doubles our solar capacity.

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Nacogdoches Generating Facility

Biomassfueled facility will produce enough power to supply about 60,000 homes with electricity.

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