Southern Company, the premier energy provider to the U.S. Southeast, supports the development and use of cost-effective renewable energy sources. We are taking action to increase the role of renewables in the generation of electricity, consistent with the availability of resources that ensure a continued supply of reliable and affordable energy.

A wide range of renewable sources and approaches are being pursued, including new biomass, solar and landfill gas generation plants. New partnerships with power producers are adding to the renewable energy options available to customers. Over 20 research and development projects are under way to determine the potential of different renewable resources and technologies. And Southern Company is among the largest U.S. generators of hydroelectric power, one of the cleanest, most environmentally safe and affordable sources of renewable energy.


  • Operating wood biomass plant, Nacogdoches Generating Facility, in Texas
  • Coal-to-biomass conversions planned; new plants being evaluated
  • Extensive research into coal-biomass co-firing


  • Partnering with Turner Renewable Energy on solar plants in Nevada, New Mexico, California, and North Carolina.
  • Solar PV demonstration and research projects in Alabama and Georgia
  • Georgia Power subsidiary nearly doubling solar power availability


  • Major offshore wind feasibility study conducted with Georgia Tech
  • Seeking leases for meteorological towers off Georgia coast
  • Data-gathering tests in progress in Alabama, Florida and Georgia

Green Energy

  • Growing array of renewable energy offerings to customers
  • Options include power from landfill methane, biomass and solar
  • Landfill gas-to-electricity plant operating in Florida


  • 34 hydro facilities in Alabama and Georgia
  • Ranked 7th among U.S. utilities in hydro capacity
  • 16 megawatts incremental capacity increase planned

Renewable Energy Highlights

  • Wholesale subsidiary Southern Power began commercial operation of Nacogdoches Generating Facility, a 100-megawatt (MW) biomass plant in Sacul, Texas, in June 2012. It is one of the largest in the U.S.
  • Southern Company is partnering with Turner Renewable Energy on a 139-MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant, Campo Verde Solar Project, in California; a 50-MW solar power plant, Macho Springs Solar Facility, in New Mexico; a 30-MW solar power plant, Spectrum Solar Facility, in Nevada; a 30-MW solar power plant, Cimarron Solar Facility, in New Mexico; a 20-MW solar PV power plant, Apex Solar Facility, in Nevada; a 20-MW solar plant, Adobe Solar Facility, in California, and a 2.5-MW solar PV plant, Granville Solar Facility in North Carolina.
  • Subsidiary Gulf Power owns and operates a 3,200-kilowatt landfill gas-to-electricity plant in Escambia County, Florida, that produces enough power to serve 900 homes.
  • Subsidiary Georgia Power plans to convert a unit at Plant Mitchell, a coal-based power plant near Albany, Georgia, to biomass, pending regulatory approval.
  • Subsidiary Alabama Power has been co-firing biomass grass fuel materials with coal since 2002 as part of normal operations at its Plant Gadsden, and co-milling wood in various forms (including chips and sawdust) since 2003.
  • Southern Company is preparing applications for federal leases to construct meteorological towers off the Georgia coast to collect data for assessing the potential for offshore wind generation.
  • A wind turbine designed by University of Alabama at Birmingham students has been erected atop the Alabama Power headquarters building to collect research data; wind data also is being collected in north Georgia.
  • Georgia Power has entered into an agreement to purchase 250 MW of wind energy, effective Jan. 2016. The additional energy will provide enough electricity at peak to power more than 50,000 homes.
  • Georgia Power has received regulatory approval to nearly double - to 5.4 MW - the amount of solar energy it purchases to supply its Green Energy Program.
  • Georgia Power has received regulatory approval to build a 1-MW portfolio of medium-scale solar demonstration projects across the state.
  • A partnership with The Westervelt Company will provide 7.5 MW of renewable energy from wood byproducts that Alabama Power will use to further diversify its mix of electricity fuel sources.
  • Southern Company is one of the nation's largest generators of hydroelectric power, with a combined generating capacity of 2,758 MW. Sixteen MW of new hydro capacity planned for the next five years, and other incremental opportunities are being evaluated.


The recent purchase of a fifth solar facility more than doubles our solar capacity.

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Nacogdoches Generating Facility

Biomassfueled facility will produce enough power to supply about 60,000 homes with electricity.

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