Planning is based on a fundamental strategy. Here are our strategic commitments (in bold) and how we propose to meet them (bulleted below).

Generate Clean, Safe, Reliable and Affordable Electricity

  • Forecast economic growth and electricity demand to ensure we have the equipment and skilled employees needed to provide reliable and affordable electricity in our southeastern U.S. markets.
  • Expand renewable fuel options for our region, add nuclear generation and advance clean coal technology and natural gas to retain fuel diversity.
  • Promote conservation and energy efficiency by engaging customers with programs to use electricity efficiently.
  • Participate in policymaking with officials to help build fair and effective regulation.

Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Research and implement new technologies that enable us to meet environmental regulations and reduce our environmental footprint while providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity.
  • Continue to reduce emissions and discharges from our power plants.

Invest In Our People

  • Attract, retain, equip and protect a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Be Stewards of the Community

Within our service territory:

  • Support communities and groups.
  • Conserve biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Improve economies and quality of life.

Risk assessment (see risk factors) further shapes our plans. We continually evaluate risk through scenarios based on interrelated factors like fuel market conditions and prices and a range of environmental requirements varying in stringency. Environmental variables include requirements from possible climate change legislation and regulation.

After comprehensive review of the scenarios both internally and hand-in-hand with our regulators, their staff and consultants, we develop action plans. We consider the long-term implications of the action plans in our generation and transmission planning and the short-term implications through the Southern Company Fleet Operations and Power Coordination Center. This process ensures reliable and affordable service while adapting to changing market conditions.