Technical and Project Solutions

Technical and Project Solution (T&PS)

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) and Quality Policies and Procedures

The T&PS Construction Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Policy and Quality Policies and Procedures are key components in the execution of all Technical and Project Solutions (T&PS) construction projects. Prospective contractors are required to fully understand and adhere to the provisions set forth by these policies and procedures. Contractors will be required to meet the Contractor Quality Requirements, as listed at the bottom of this webpage, under “Additional Resource Files”.

Contractor's EH&S program shall meet or exceed the requirements of the Southern Company Generation EH&S procedures. Contractor shall submit their own manual EH&S and Quality manuals for review and approval of Purchaser prior to the commencement of work.

For Technical and Project Solutions (T&PS) construction projects on Hydro Generation Sites ONLY,  the Contractor’s EH&S program shall meet or exceed the Hydro Modernization Project EH&S Specifications.

Drug/Alcohol Testing and Background Investigation Requirements - Details

This provides information on the drug/alcohol testing and background investigation program that Southern Company requires of all contractors.

Contractor Compliance Background Form (CCBF) - Sample Form
This form is provided to the contractor to request certain information concerning its compliance history and compliance programs. Upon receipt, the completed and signed background form is reviewed for suspect or problematic responses. Instead of the CCBF, some entities within Southern Company may obtain equivalent information via the Browz Program that is used for contractor prequalification.

Contractor Safety Qualification Questionnaire (CSQQ) - Sample Form
This form is provided to the contractor to request certain information concerning its safety performance and program. Upon receipt, the completed and signed questionnaire is reviewed for conformance with Southern Company requirements. Instead of the CSQQ, some entities within Southern Company may obtain equivalent information via the Browz Program that is used for contractor prequalification.

Safety Orientation Requirements for Contractors - Details
Southern Company has eliminated the requirement for Contractors to complete PowerSafe Training. It is still the contractual responsibility of all Contractors to ensure their employees have met all required (1) basic safety and (2) site- specific training. Southern Company expects that all Contractors will maintain a high standard of safety. Contractors can refer to their contracts or contract administrator with questions regarding required safety training.

The Contractors is responsible for communicating the designated Southern Company Generation Clearance Procedure Awareness Training or Lockout Tagout Procedure Awareness Training to their employees. An additional resource, Lockout Tagout Training Video, has also been developed for use by Contractors. The Southern Company Generation Clearance Procedure (Rev 5, Rev 6) and Lockout Tagout Procedure are lock-out/tag-out programs in compliance with OSHA 1910.147 Lock-Out/Tag-Out and OSHA 1910.269 (the OSHA Standard Governing Electric Utility Work). These procedures provide a system of accountability for non-plant personnel and maintains communications betweexn working parties. Strict adherence to the designated clearance/lockout tagout procedure is a condition of employment for everyone working on plant equipment at Southern Company facilities. Violation of procedure will lead to being barred from all Southern Company facilities. The applicable Clearance Procedure or Lockout Tagout Procedure will be communicated to Contractors during the pre-bid and/or plant safety orientation. The Southern Company contract administrator will provide additional details.

For Contractors working in and around Switchyards, they are responsible for communicating the designated Southern Company Generation  Switchyard Access Awareness Training to their employees.  This training defines the process for safe access into generating plant switchyards and substations located on a Generation site.

STEP – Safety Through Everyone’s Participation - Details
STEP is Southern Company’s behavioral based safety (BBS) observation program.  STEP has been developed and is owned by Southern Company.  Contractors working for T&PS unless contractually exempt, must utilize Southern Company’s STEP program.  Contractors with their own established BBS program must still participate in STEP, although they can concurrently utilize their program.  Contractor user licenses for the STEP database will be provided by Southern Company at no cost to the Contractor.  Refer to the link above for additional details related to STEP.

Southern Company will provide “train the trainer” instruction on STEP for Contractors.  The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that their workers are fully trained and compliant with STEP.  Contractor personnel that have completed STEP “train the trainer” instruction can teach other Contractor workers.  Several training resources are available to Contractor trainers:  STEP General Observer, STEP Overview, STEP Data Usage, STEP Observer Refresher. A Process Map for STEP Implementation is available for reference.


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