Safety is a core value throughout the Southern Company system. Employees routinely work near energized wires, intense heat, nuclear fuel, heavy equipment, moving vehicles, pressurized pipes and under other conditions that require exceptional safety measures and awareness.

Safety First

At Southern Company, Safety First is our number one value. We believe the safety of our employees and customers is paramount. Our goal is to complete "every day, every job, safely." We use various metrics to indicate the effectiveness of the company’s safety efforts. These metrics help guide us in our execution of activities which strengthen safety performance and culture.

Safety briefings are the first order of business at employee meetings. Employees who routinely work in high-risk environments start each job that way. No matter the job function or the level of risk involved, every Southern Company system employee is reminded often that safety is not the absence of injuries, but the readiness to respond to risk and the presence of controls.  

Here are some key philosophies for our company.

  • Before each job, we identify hazards and determine how to avoid them. We go over safety details with all employees who will perform the work.
  • While working, we watch out for each other and take action to correct unsafe conditions or behaviors when identified.
  • Reporting safety concerns is appreciated and protected, to remove any fear from employees to do so and to encourage open communication.

During 2016, 99.16 percent of Southern Company system employees worked injury-free.

But Safety First is not just about numbers, it is about people – striving to ensure it is top of mind in every action we take and empowering employees to be safe by cultivating a culture of caring, embracing learning and encouraging a more proactive safety approach. Our ultimate objective is to create an environment where our employees work safe, every day on every job.