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Constructive Regulation and Public Policy

Southern Company believes it has a responsibility to customers and stakeholders to participate in the political process and that our success is dependent on political engagement and advocacy. Meeting our decarbonization goals will require continued active and constructive engagement with government officials, investors, and a wide variety of other public and private stakeholders. Policies that encourage and advance innovation while protecting the affordability, reliability and resilience of service are essential to meeting these goals.

Southern Company’s directive to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy is linked to constructive relationships with policymakers. Through these constructive relationships, we can communicate to policymakers the interests of our company and stakeholders. Southern Company engages directly with lawmakers and regulators and also participates in trade associations and industry groups that, among their many activities, engage in lobbying and advocacy on various matters.

Southern Company also has a responsibility to customers and stockholders to make, where appropriate, political contributions or expenditures (as defined by applicable law). We and our subsidiaries comply with all laws governing the use of corporate funds in connection with elections for public office, and all political contributions or independent expenditures are approved in advance. We disclose on our website an overview of our policies and practices for political engagement. Annually, we also disclose the political contributions of Southern Company and our subsidiaries and the trade associations and coalitions engaged in state or federal lobbying to which Southern Company or our subsidiaries make yearly contributions of $50K or more.

Southern Company has put in place decision-making and oversight processes for governmental relations activities to ensure they are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as Southern Company’s commitment to act with integrity in all of our activities. Both management and the board play important roles in these governance processes. The board receives an annual report on our political, lobbying and trade association activities and monitors Southern Company’s memberships in trade associations and industry groups that engage in lobbying efforts on our behalf.

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