Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Purpose

As America's premier wholesale energy partner, Southern Power builds the future of energy by investing in clean energy solutions for the customers we serve.

Our Business

Southern Power's business model is founded on a strategy of selling electricity generated by its clean energy assets through long term contracts with high credit quality counterparties. We value strategic partnerships with industry partners that help us deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable generation to our customers.

Our History

A subsidiary of Southern Company, Southern Power is a leading U.S. wholesale energy provider meeting the electricity needs of municipalities, electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, and commercial and industrial customers. Southern Power was formed in 2001 to support Southern Company in the wholesale market. In 2009, Southern Power's portfolio consisted of eight natural gas plants totaling 7,880 MW in four states Since 2009, Southern Power has added more than 3,984 megawatts (MW) across 41 facilities. Today, the company continues to strategically grow its business through the acquisition and development of clean energy solutions.


Our Portfolio

At Southern Power, our portfolio consists of 49 natural gas, wind, solar and energy storage generating assets capable of delivering more than 11,864 MW of clean, safe, reliable and affordable wholesale generation in every time zone. Our portfolio now includes over 4,454 MW of renewable generation. That diversity – through geography and fuel source – is part of what makes us America's premier wholesale energy partner.


Who We Serve

Our Customers

We work each day to build strong relationships and provide service that is second to none to more than 50 energy providers serving customers across the United States. Making a sustainable impact is about more than "business as usual." It's about caring for our customers personally. The organizations we serve are more than just customers. They are our friends, families and neighbors. So providing clean energy solutions isn't just something we do. It's something we serve.

Our Partners

We are a results-driven culture, and that pioneering spirit of always improving and always reaching higher moves us forward together with our industry peers who share that value. We work with disciplined energy experts and leaders to innovate the industry and deliver on our promises.

Our Constant Focus

  • Safety — We take pride in personalizing and achieving Target Zero to send every employee home safely, every day.
  • People — We seek to create opportunities to learn, grow and advance as leaders in all we do.
  • Operational Excellence — We achieve superior performance through total commitment to become America's most trusted clean energy partner.
  • Customers — We reflect customer care and value in all that we do.
  • Financial Integrity — We are committed to a strong balance sheet, accurate financial reporting and a disciplined approach to investing.
  • Innovation — We demonstrate agility as an organization and shape the future with intelligent, creative solutions.
  • Results — We deliver on our promises.