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Southern 360 Benchmarking Services

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Benchmarking provides a measurement of your building’s energy intensity as compared to buildings of similar size, type and climate, both within your own portfolio and against industry peers. Understanding where and how your organization consumes energy is the first step in successfully embarking on your sustainability journey.

Through an easy 3-step process, Southern 360 baselines and benchmarks your energy usage and costs, providing a trusted foundation for shaping your building performance and ESG goals.

Step 1: We gather and analyze patterns of consumption based on your utility bills over the last two years.

Step 2: We compare that data and your buildings’ energy intensity against each other and industry peers to determine current levels of efficiency.

Step 3: We create your organization’s baseline energy use and benchmarking profile, as well as your emissions profile so that you have a clear picture of where you are and how much carbon reduction you might achieve, no matter whether you are just getting started or are well on your way.

Southern 360


Benchmarking 1-Pager: Quick guide to the first step in your sustainability and resilience strategy.


Benchmarking Case Study: Southern 360 helps generate $1.6M in annual savings for a university.