How are you preparing for tomorrow?

The future needs of our customers demand a company capable of offering every source of energy. Which is why Southern Company has expanded our product offerings to provide energy that is clean, safe, reliable and affordable across the entire portfolio of energy sources. So no matter how you're preparing for tomorrow, we're already building the future of energy today.

Energy Innovation Center

Where the future of energy begins

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Our Partners in Innovation

We’re constantly developing programs that help our communities save energy, and keep families safer and better connected to each other and their homes.

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Renewable Resources

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Pentagon Partnership

We’re proud to partner with the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force to develop innovative energy projects, both on and off base, particularly in solar power.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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See how Southern Company is using UAS to

help improve the way we do business.

Using UAS at Southern Company

Electric Transportation

Electricity powers nearly every aspect of our lives, and we’re bringing that sustainable energy to transportation, both on and off the road. By offering lower electricity rates and programs for off-peak usage, we help people and businesses reduce costs and environmental impact. Customers save on charging, while commercial businesses increase efficiency by using electricity to transport their goods.

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