Generation Overview

Southern Company is one of the largest producers of electricity in the United States and the largest wholesale provider in the Southeast. For decades, Southern Company has consistently met its energy, financial and customer satisfaction commitments. More about Southern Company.

Southern Company Generation, a business unit of Southern Company, manages the operation of 77 fossil and hydro plants for Southern Company's more than 4.68 million retail customers in a territory spanning most of Alabama and Georgia, and southeastern Mississippi.

All of these tangible assets back up our energy marketing and trading operations. If you are looking for short or long-term power contracts, these assets offer you capacity and stability in today's fluctuating energy market.


Southern Company Generation manages production, fleet operations, planning, engineering and fuel procurement for Southern Company's coal, oil, gas and hydro generating units at 103 power plants. We provide energy that is reliable, affordable and cleaner than ever.

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Forecasting for economical and reliable service
By carefully forecasting energy needs and securing the most economical energy sources available, we're able to operate our power plants at a 99 percent level of reliability—among the highest in the nation. At the same time, we have one of the lowest forced outage rates in the industry and retail electric prices that are significantly below the national average.

We're also an environmentally responsible company. Since 1990, we've made significant reductions in sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides at our plants. We're at the forefront of research to generate electricity from new and cleaner fuel sources. Learn more in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Southern Company generation produces power for customers in our service territories. If power is critical to your business, take advantage of our experience and capability, competitive pricing and reliability, service and innovation.

Energy Trading

The trading floor at Southern Company is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week operation. Our rates are market based, and we offer a wide range of capacity and energy products and services. You can count on us for competitive prices and reliable service including:

  • Hourly and daily energy
  • Short-term energy
  • Short-term capacity
  • Flexible products customized to meet your needs

High Reliability
We work hard to provide you the highest reliability. We ensure needs are met by:

  • Preparing a daily load forecast
  • Committing resources to meet the anticipated load
  • Performing real-time load-resource balancing

If power is critical to your business, take advantage of our experience, competitive pricing, reliability, service and innovation. Contact us for specifics on your energy needs.

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