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Energy is Essential

The Southern Company system’s regulated electricity markets provide clean, reliable and affordable energy for all customers through strategic planning, long-term investments and accountability.

Who We Are

Our family of companies is responsible for providing clean, reliable and affordable energy to 4.5 million electric customers in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Our regulated market structure helps to ensure customers are at the center of everything we do.

Our regulated electric utilities have a legal obligation to serve every customer in every community within our service territories. Elected officials hold us accountable for serving all our customers – families, small businesses and large companies – no matter how big they are or where they’re located. In turn, these officials are held accountable by those same customers at the ballot box.

Our states’ regulated planning processes are strategic, integrated and transparent, enabling long-term investments that benefit customers. This includes a balanced energy mix, robust weatherization programs and a continuous focus on resilience. As a result, we build and operate our systems to address evolving risks like extreme weather and cyberattacks.

Our regulators mandate we charge just and reasonable rates, helping to provide stability for customers and protect them from market volatility and price gouging.

We believe energy is a necessity not just a commodity. While no system is perfect, our regulated structure holds us accountable for delivering on the promise of clean, reliable and affordable energy for all customers we’re privileged to serve.


Energy is Essential

Why It Matters

Regulated electricity markets provide a superior value proposition for all customers:


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Through strategic, integrated and transparent processes, regulated markets enable long-term investments in grid reliability. For example, the Southern Company system aims to invest $17 billion between 2022-2026 to modernize the grid and increase its resilience.[1] This includes a planned 26% winter reserve margin to help protect customers from supply shortfalls during extreme cold weather or unplanned disruptions.[2]


Regulated markets promote a balanced, efficient energy mix. They also set rates to ensure customers benefit from the lowest-cost resources, protecting against market volatility. As a result, The Wall Street Journal[3] and The New York Times[4] have found that customers in regulated markets have lower rates than in other parts of the country.

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Government officials in regulated markets hold utilities accountable for operating the system and making smart, long-term investments to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to all customers at just and reasonable rates. If regulated utilities ever get it wrong, customers can hold the officials who regulate them accountable at the ballot box.

Clean Energy

In addition to adding renewables at a record pace, regulated markets value carbon-free nuclear energy and its long-term benefits to customers. For example, Georgia has ranked in the top 10 states for solar energy for four consecutive years and is also the only state in the nation expanding new nuclear energy. By working through regulated structures, our electric utilities help subscribing customers meet their sustainability goals while ensuring all other customers receive an economic benefit from new renewables.

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