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Questions and Complaints

Questions regarding the integrity of the Southern Company Energy Auctions or complaints related to the energy auction may be submitted using the following process. The auction administrator and independent auction monitor will coordinate resolution of the complaint.

Processing of Questions or Complaints

  • The independent auction monitor shall assume complainant does not seek confidentiality unless confidential treatment is clearly requested in the complaint.
  • The independent auction monitor may request additional relevant information from the complainant as a condition of undertaking any further investigation.
  • The independent auction monitor may decline to take further action or carry out further investigation as deemed appropriate in its sole judgment.
  • Within three (3) business days of receipt of a complaint, the independent auction monitor shall notify Southern Company of the complaint and, unless confidentiality is requested by the complainant, shall provide Southern Company with a complete copy of the complaint, redacting any bidder confidential information.
  • In the event complainant seeks confidential treatment for the entirety of the complaint, the independent auction monitor shall, instead of providing the complete complaint to Southern Company, provide a summary of the complaint sufficient to allow Southern Company to reasonably formulate a response.
  • Southern Company may submit to the independent auction monitor a written response to the complaint within 10 business days of provision of the complaint or the summary thereof to Southern Company, or on such other timeline as agreed to by the auction monitor.
  • The independent auction monitor will report to FERC any complaints relating to the independent auctions.

Submission of Questions or Complaints

Questions or complaints may be submitted electronically using this form.


Any complainant who wishes to bypass the auction administrator and submit their complaint confidentially to the independent auction monitor may do so by submitting their request directly via the following contact information:


Southern Company Independent Auction Monitor
c/o Dr. Dean M. Murphy
The Brattle Group, Inc. 
One Beacon Street, Suite 2600 
Boston, MA 02108


Phone: 617-234-5655