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corporate biodiversity

Biodiversity & Stewardship

We practice conservation, promote biodiversity on our land and recognize our role in helping our neighbors and communities do the same.

Commitment to Biodiversity

Utilizing natural resources wisely is vital to meeting our customers’ needs and protecting those resources for future generations. 

Beyond the intrinsic value of biodiversity, a balanced and healthy ecosystem is integral to our commitment to provide clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy to our customers.

  • We partner with communities, conservation organizations and natural resources agencies to help imperiled species and restore habitat.
  • We seek to adhere to all environmental laws and regulations with compliance, and ongoing voluntary conservation, serving as the foundation of our biodiversity commitment.
  • Where appropriate/able, we practice the mitigation hierarchy and consider measures to avoid, minimize, and/or mitigate impacts on biodiversity.
biodiversity initiative

Partnerships for Voluntary Environmental Stewardship

Southern Company, through an ongoing 20-year partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), has leveraged a $26 million contribution for an on-the-ground impact of more than $231 million, resulting in the conservation of nearly 4 million acres of land and producing numerous benefits to fish and wildlife.

corporate environmental stewardship

For more about these initiatives, please visit our Environmental Stewardship page. 

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