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Energy That Moves You

Energy is at the heart of what we do. It moves us up the street, down the road, across the country. It powers our bodies and fuels our routines.

As leaders in the energy industry, we have our eyes on the bigger picture of how our work moves people beyond the literal sense. It moves us to adopt better habits, to create more sustainable systems, and to embrace positive change. 

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  • Increasing access to charging stations 
  • Strengthening the electric grid 
  • Providing grant support 
  • Supporting Research & Development efforts
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  • Providing site selection recommendations 
  • Enabling transition to clean transportation 
  • Creating feasible pricing structures 
  • Educating customers on rebates 
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  • Influencing policy 
  • Using media to increase awareness 
  • Collaborating with partners
  • Increasing trade opportunities

What is clean transportation?

Clean transportation provides an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions produced by private- and commercial-use vehicles in favor of transportation powered by alternative fuels, including electricity, gas and hydrogen. Clean transportation options typically have lower ownership and operational costs along with being more environmentally friendly.

As we work to decarbonize the transportation sector across our footprint, we are partnering with our operating companies to advance infrastructure for electric and alternative-fuel vehicles, advise on and enable customers’ transition goals, and advocate for existing and emerging clean transportation technologies and policies.

Advancing Infrastructure

More drivers are turning to electric transportation for lower ownership costs and cleaner energy choices. By 2030, it is predicted that 50% of all new car sales will be electric vehicles. This is why we are committed to connecting our communities with charging infrastructure, so you can explore with range confidence.

Advising Customers

When the nation’s largest Domino’s pizza franchise wanted to find more innovative and cost-effective ways to serve its customers, they partnered with Mississippi Power to find a Clean Transportation solution. What resulted was a significant reduction in fuel costs, less maintenance and increased operational efficiencies. The innovative partnership also helped Domino’s demonstrate its commitment to creating a more sustainable operation while reducing its carbon footprint.

Advocate with Partners

In Prattville, Alabama, Tesla recently installed the company’s first V4 Superchargers in the southeast. The company said it chose Prattville in part because of Alabama Power’s Make Ready Program, which offers rebates to businesses that set up Level 2 or fast-charging stations. According to Tesla, the new V4 Supercharger can power an electric vehicle with 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Southern Company and its operating companies continue to advocate for clean transportation technologies and solutions to best serve our customers’ evolving needs.

Electric Vehicles: By the Numbers

Additional Resources

Across Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, more than 100,000 electric vehicles* are in use. Southern Company is meeting the needs of our customers by expanding charging infrastructure and preparing the electric grid to serve the growing demand. At the same time, we’re also converting our own internal vehicle fleet and working with customers to build a better future through fleet sustainability.

*Total EV registrations as of Aug. 31, 2023
Clean Transportation statistics at a glance

Operating Company Transportation Solutions

Alabama Power
Georgia Power
Mississippi Power
Lincoln Wood, Electrification Manager at Southern Company
Electricity powers nearly every aspect of our lives, and we're bringing that sustainable energy to transportation. Electric vehicles are better for the environment, have a lower total cost of operation than gasoline or diesel vehicles, promote local jobs and are fun to drive.

Lincoln Wood
Clean Transportation Manager
Southern Company

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