Energy Innovation Center

Energy Innovation Center

Where the future of energy begins

Southern Company Energy Innovation Center 

Energy Innovation Center

“It is through cutting-edge innovation—solutions that improve our lives every day—that we can create better, more efficient ways to deliver power and help solve some of the challenges our customers face.”

Tom Fanning, Southern Company CEO

We work tirelessly to make life easier for the people and communities we serve. Our Energy Innovation Center, located in Atlanta’s Technology Square, is the home of our most inventive ideas and programs that work to bring better, more reliable and more efficient energy across the country.

Our passionate employees and partners collaborate to answer the energy industry’s most pressing issues—like electric battery storage, electric car technology, and the role of big data in our lives. By tapping into the talents of our 32,000 employees, we generate our brightest ideas from within our own walls, as well as with like-minded partners. 

In addition to investing more than $2 billion in industry-breaking research and development since 1970, we see our Energy Innovation Center as the place where creative problem solving and smart investment come together to improve lives.

Bright ideas, close to home

We started the SO Prize competition in 2014, in which our teams submitted nearly 1,000 new ideas to make life better and easier for our customers. We continued the tradition the following year, and today, we uphold our innovative spirit and thinking at the center.

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