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2023 Year in Review

At Southern Company, we believe energy is opportunity. That’s why we’re committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to the customers and communities we’re privileged to serve.  

Throughout 2023, we continued bringing our vision of a cleaner, brighter energy future to life. From Plant Vogtle Unit 3 entering commercial operation, to investing in the advancement of our communities, we’re turning possibilities into realities.

Plant Vogtle Unit 3 enters commercial operation

We have a vision of a clean energy future, and every day, we put it in motion. Operating 24/7/365, nuclear energy facilities produce more than half of all U.S. carbon-free electricity. Plant Vogtle will play an essential role in supporting Southern Company’s goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. When Unit 4 is complete, Plant Vogtle will be the largest carbon-free generation asset in the country.

  • On July 31, Plant Vogtle Unit 3 entered commercial operations and is now serving customers and the state of Georgia. The new unit represents a long-term investment in the state’s clean energy future and will provide reliable, emissions-free energy to customers for decades to come.  

  • Following hot functional testing and a 103(g) finding from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, (NRC), Vogtle Unit 4 begun the process of loading nuclear fuel, marking a significant milestone in the project's construction. This brings the unit closer to completion and commercial operation.








Excelling at the Fundamentals

We believe energy is a necessity not just a commodity. While no system is perfect, our regulated structure holds us accountable for delivering on the promise of clean, reliable and affordable energy for all customers we’re privileged to serve.

Alabama Power's Plant Barry Unit 8 is now operating and serving customers across the state. The new unit utilizes advanced technology and clean energy solutions to generate up to 727 megawatts (MW), which is enough energy to power more than 200,000 homes. Combined with the other generating units at the site, Plant Barry’s total generating capacity is now 3,246 MW, making it the largest generating facility in Alabama Power’s system.

The Biden-Harris administration announced an agreement with Southern Company to provide 100% carbon pollution-free electricity to federal facilities in three southern states. Under this partnership, Southern Company will supply clean energy to federal buildings in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Georgia Power filed an update to its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to accommodate the state's extraordinary economic growth and meet its energy needs. Current energy projections for Georgia reflect energy growth of approximately 6,600 MW through 2030, up from approximately 400 MW previously forecasted in January 2022.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has granted approval for the use of accident tolerant fuel at Vogtle 2. This first-of-its-kind authorization paves the way for the implementation of advanced fuel technology, which enhances the efficiency and performance of the nuclear reactor. Southern Company's Vogtle facility continues to lead in the adoption of innovative solutions to ensure the safe and sustainable generation of clean energy.

Hurricane Idalia repair efforts

When things are at their worst, we’re at our best. Hurricane Idalia's path resulted in power outages to more than 250,000 Southern Company customers. The system’s unified restoration team consisting of 5,500 personnel from across four operating companies worked tirelessly to restore power and repair gas lines. Within 48 to 72 hours, most customers had their power restored, thanks to the efforts of Georgia Power, Alabama Power, Mississippi Power and Southern Company Gas.

Southern Company is continuing its investment into clean energy though the acquisition of two additional solar power plants under Southern Power, Millers Branch Solar Facility in Texas and Cheyenne Solar Facility in Wyoming.

Chattanooga Gas has announced that 100% of its natural gas supply for residential and small business customers now comes from Next Generation Natural Gas. This achievement supports a larger decarbonization effort across the natural gas supply chain.








Serving our customers and elevating our communities

In 2023 we reported

  • Through our foundations and corporate giving, we invested $120 million in our communities in 2022

  • We’ve invested $142 million as part of our five-year $225 million commitment towards advancing racial equity and social justice  

  • Our electric and gas operating companies helped to bring $35 billion in economic development and about 60,000 jobs to our service territories in 2022

Nicor Gas and Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity Break Ground on New Smart Neighborhood in Chicagoland

Net zero affordable neighborhood demonstrates the importance of natural gas in a sustainable future for all

Nicor Gas has partnered with Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity to break ground on a new smart neighborhood in Chicagoland. The project aims to build energy-efficient homes, incorporating smart technology and advanced energy solutions.

Nicor Gas Smart Neighborhood-Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity

Southern Company was named as a co-chair of a clean tech energy innovation fund with a specific focus on diversity. The Elevate Fund, as part of Energy Impact Partners (EIP), is focused on driving diversity in the energy ecosystem by providing capital to underrepresented founders of clean technology companies and supporting diversity and minority-owned businesses in the associated supply chain. Southern Company was the inaugural donor to the fund, which has raised $111.9 million of limited partner commitments.

As a Proud Partner of the TOUR Championship, and Official Energy Company of the PGA Tour, Southern Company helped generate nearly $50 million for community charities since the TOUR Championship was first staged at Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club in 1998. Southern Company and subsidiaries Georgia Power and Southern Company Gas in 2023 proudly delivered 100% renewable energy to the tournament for the second consecutive year.

Nicor Gas is fulfilling its promise to bring natural gas service to the community of Hopkins Park, Illinois. This initiative is providing residents who have historically relied on propane and wood-fired stoves to heat their homes with a more affordable and reliable energy option.








Leading through innovation

National Carbon Capture Center announces first direct air capture testing

The National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC), which is managed and operated by Southern Company on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy continues to find breakthroughs in reducing GHG emissions from fossil-fuel-based power plants. This year, the NCCC completed the facility’s first installed and commissioned direct air capture (DAC) on-site test, in collaboration with Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) and Aircapture. This testing aims to explore and develop new technologies for capturing carbon dioxide directly from the air.

Hydrogen for Our Business

Nicor Gas will participate in the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen (MachH2), which was approved as one of the seven regional clean hydrogen hubs by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The involvement of Nicor Gas and its pipeline infrastructure expertise will contribute to the transportation of clean hydrogen, reducing emissions and creating job opportunities.

Southern Company, TerraPower and CORE POWER begin salt operations of Integrated Effects Test

Southern Company, TerraPower, and CORE POWER have successfully initiated pumped-salt operations in the Integrated Effects Test (IET), a significant milestone in the development of Generation-IV molten salt reactor technology. The IET will provide valuable data for the development of TerraPower's Molten Chloride Fast Reactor, which has the potential to provide affordable and sustainable net-zero clean energy in various sectors.








We’re recognized as a great place that does great work

2023 Accolades

  • Southern Company was recognized for its outstanding financial achievement at the 58th annual EEI Financial Conference. The company received the EEI Index Award for the Large Cap category, which measures the total return on each electric company's stock price over a five-year period. Southern Company ranked first in the large-cap category with an impressive 83.4 percent return. The next-closest company saw a 53 percent return.
  • Southern Company ranks No. 1 for Black executives for second consecutive year by DiversityInc
  • Southern Company ranked in top 10 for Best Employers for Women
Black student listening in class
Employees in hardhats with logo
  • Southern Company is the top-ranked utility on Forbes magazine’s Best Large Employers in America list
  • Southern Company ranks No. 2 Top Military-Friendly Employer by GI Jobs magazine
  • Southern Company ranked Best Employers for Women (No. 9) - Forbes
  • 2023 Emergency Response Award – Edison Electric Institute
    • Alabama Power
  • Alabama Power  ranked– #1 in Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction: Large Segment category
  • Georgia Power ranked-# 1 in Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction: Large Segment category  - JD Power