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EPRI presents 2019 Technology Transfer awards to 20 Southern Company employees

<p>An impressive roster of Southern Company employees has once again been chosen for the prestigious Technology Transfer Award from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Twenty employees from business units and subsidiaries representing Southern Company Services, Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Southern Nuclear and Southern Power are being recognized for their 2019 achievements in collaborative research and development (R&amp;D) projects.</p>
<p>“These awards are in their 22<sup>nd</sup> year, and Southern Company employees have earned recognition every year since inception of this program,” said Dr. Mark Berry, vice president, Southern Company R&amp;D. “Southern Company consistently models a commitment to shaping the future of energy, bringing our superb technical and business acumen to addressing the challenges we face. This year’s Technology Transfer Award winners join an impressively long line of individuals and teams who have provided leadership and collaborated in finding solutions and developing initiatives for the energy industry.”</p>
<p>As an independent, nonprofit organization, EPRI brings together scientists and engineers, as well as experts from academia and industry, to help address energy-related challenges, including reliability, efficiency, safety and the environment.</p>
<p>“The 2019 Technology Transfer Award recipients lead by example, elevating the societal value of EPRI’s collaborative R&amp;D by deploying advanced energy technologies across the power industry,” said EPRI President Arshad Mansoor. “Their contributions are essential to transforming electricity generation, delivery and use for the benefit of energy customers around the world.”</p>
<p>Southern Company’s award-winning projects focused on a variety of key industry issues, including cybersecurity, advanced steam temperature control, power quality, wind turbine health and performance, and climate-related science.</p>
<p>The winners are:</p>
<p><b>Nuclear Sector</b> <b>– </b>Kyle Caver, Gary Lofthus, Eugene Pisarskiy, Corey Thomas and Bradley Yeates (Southern Nuclear)</p>
<p><b>Power Delivery and Utilization Sector</b> – Clifton Black, Kuni Scissum and Pradeep Vitta (Southern Company Services); Shih-Min Hsu, Steve Pierre and Steve Tatum (Alabama Power); Antonio Terry (Georgia Power)</p>
<p><b>Generation Sector</b> <b>– </b>Chethan Acharya, Olu Ajala, Mark Faurot and John Sorge (Southern Company Services); Mark Wingard (Southern Power); and Daniel Smith (Alabama Power)</p>
<p><b>Energy and Environment Sector </b>–<b> </b>Jim Pegues, Kelli McCullough, Thomas Wells and Travis Hicks (Southern Company Services)</p>
<p>In 2019, Southern Company’s R&amp;D organization celebrated <a href="/content/southern-company/homepage/newsroom/2019/july-2019/research-and-development-fifty-year-anniversary.html" target="_self">50 years</a> of industry-leading innovation to deliver more value to customers, solve energy challenges and embrace ideas that drive change. Efforts such as these, represented by the EPRI Technology Transfer awards, empower the company to better serve customers today and into the future.</p>