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Southern Company celebrates 50 years of R&D

Southern Company celebrates 50 years of R&D

For five decades, Southern Company’s research and development (R&D) organization has been leading industry innovation to deliver more value to customers.

Since R&D’s founding in 1969, the challenges facing the energy industry and customers’ needs have evolved. Southern Company’s R&D team has helped the company and industry remain on the forefront of innovation to keep pace with the ever-changing energy landscape.

Southern Company’s world-class expertise and diverse research portfolio – spanning technology development for energy production, delivery and end-use – has also differentiated the company among its industry peers. As a founding member of the Electric Power Research Institute and through heavy collaboration with the U. S. Department of Energy, national laboratories, universities, research institutes and industry, Southern Company has advanced cost-effective solutions to deliver clean, safe, reliable, affordable energy to customers.

“Our commitment to R&D has never wavered,” said Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning. “These efforts continue to attract and leverage academia and outside technology expertise, solve problems for Southern Company and the entire industry, stimulate critical thinking and embrace ideas that drive change – empowering us to better serve our customers today and into the future.”

What has remained constant, even in the face of major change, is the R&D team’s focus on making the most of emerging technology to deliver on today’s customer expectations and trends, while preparing for tomorrow’s needs. In its 50th year, Southern Company’s R&D organization is accomplishing this by developing low-carbon generation technologies, advancing distributed energy solutions, modernizing the grid, promoting a culture of sustainability and developing new business models.