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CEO Fanning to U.S. House subcommittee: America needs the full portfolio of energy resources

<p>CEO Tom Fanning appeared before the United States House Energy and Power Subcommittee to share his thoughts on a discussion draft on electricity reliability and grid security that is being considered for inclusion in the Energy and Commerce Committee's &quot;Architecture of Abundance&quot; legislation.</p>
<p>The sections of the bill on which Fanning testified seeks to update the nation's electricity infrastructure to ensure it is secure, reliable and resilient in the face of changing market dynamics, new regulations and increasing threats. At the same time, innovation and advanced technologies offer new opportunities to improve and bolster the U.S. electric system, the bill's authors said.</p>
<p>In his testimony, Fanning focused on sections dealing with infrastructure security, the vital importance of baseload generation and the impact of federal regulations.</p>
<p>Although he offered some suggestions for improving the bill, Fanning said it overall is a step in the right direction. &quot;Because electricity is critical to the nation's economy and to the lives of Americans, protecting the grid is a shared responsibility between the industry and government,&quot; Fanning said.</p>
<p>Fanning emphasized to the subcommittee the crucial role of baseload generation, noting that it has served as the backbone of the electric system for many decades and must remain a key part of the electric system in the future.</p>