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How Southern Company Is Investing in the Future of Energy

Southern Company delivers resilient energy solutions that connect customers and communities to opportunity.

How Southern Company is Investing in the Future of Energy

Energy companies like Southern Company must stay ahead of customers’ changing needs, which means identifying and supporting innovative concepts that drive decarbonization efforts.

Southern Company’s New Ventures organization is leading the way by playing an active role in by collaborating with emerging clean tech companies that are part of Energy Impact Partners (EIP), a utility-backed investment fund focused on sustainable startups.

For example, New Ventures is collaborating with companies like Moxion Power and Rheaply to explore ways in which they can help advance decarbonization for the customers and communities served by Southern Company subsidiaries.

Moxion provides zero-emission battery solutions for events like the PGA’s recent TOUR Championship in Atlanta, and for industries such as construction and telecommunications that have typically relied on fossil fuels for energy.

“We believe that our products will help support grid resiliency and their end customers in many different applications,” says Alex Meek, cofounder and president of Moxion Power. “This is just the beginning of what is a very exciting partnership with Southern Company.”

Rheaply is a Chicago-based climate technology company focused on reuse and helping large companies find their role in the circular economy.

According to Garry Cooper, cofounder and CEO of Rheaply, reuse is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be underestimated. "The circular economy, at scale, can reduce global carbon emissions by 45%."

The two companies have different missions, but both efforts create decarbonization opportunities that New Ventures can help scale up.

It’s all part of Southern Company’s goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 while providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to customers and communities.

"These clean tech companies serve as a great resource for us to think through opportunities for sustainability within our business," says Hank Adams, SVP of Customer Solutions for Southern Company.