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Khadijah Diggs: Southern Company Employee and Team USA Triathlete

<p>September 26, 2017</p>

<p>As you may remember from our 2016 <a href="">summary annual report</a>, goal setting is a major part of Khadijah Digg’s life. As a senior project manager for Southern Company Services, Khadijah sets goals to achieve success on major projects. But her ability to hit milestones doesn’t stop at work. Khadijah, a Team USA triathlete, trains vigorously to not only reach her physical goals, but exceed them as she competes around the world.</p>
<p><b>For the love of the sport</b></p>
<p>Khadijah’s journey as a triathlete began in 2012 when she competed in her first triathlon, the Iron Girl Triathlon at Lake Lanier Islands, Ga. Despite coming in third to last place, Khadijah felt invigorated. It was at that moment she set her most ambitious goal yet: join Team USA.</p>
<p>Fast forward five years and Khadijah is preparing to compete with Team USA in the Long Course Triathlon World Championships.</p>
<p>“I have sponsors, but I don’t get paid to compete,” explains Khadijah. “I do it for the love of the sport.”</p>
<p><b>Never give up on yourself</b></p>
<p>Khadijah chronicles her journey as a triathlete on her Facebook page, <a href="">Trigammalete</a>. In authentic photos and videos, she shows the&nbsp;glamorous and not so&nbsp;glamorous side of training.</p>
<p>“Sacrifices are made for training,” Khadijah says. “But my mantra is to never give up on yourself. How can I expect others to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself?”</p>
<p><b>An inspiration</b></p>
<p>Khadijah’s motivation and passion is contagious. As a mom, a professional, and a competing triathlete, she continues to push her limits for herself, her family and everyone she inspires.</p>
<p>“Everyone is so supportive,” Khadijah describes. “People at work will stop me to congratulate me. Many have said ‘I started walking again’ or ‘I started playing tennis again.’”</p>
<p>And what an inspiration she is. Khadijah is the first African American woman to represent Team USA in Long Course Triathlon and the first Muslim woman to represent Team USA in any multi-sport event. She uses her platform as an athlete to promote a positive image of Muslim women and Islam in general.</p>
<p>&quot;I pray that I make my children, my family and the community proud of my efforts, whether I finish first or last,” Khadijah describes in the bio on her Facebook page. “I pray that people who have never met a Muslim see me as not only a fierce competitor and sportswoman, but a decent human being.”</p>