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Southern Company prepares for Zeta

<p>Southern Company system personnel are preparing to safely respond to Tropical Storm Zeta as the late-season weather system bears down on the Gulf Coast. Zeta continues to strengthen while crossing the Gulf of Mexico and hurricane conditions are expected during landfall later Wednesday.</p>
<li>A <i>hurricane warning</i> extends across the entire Mississippi coastline.</li>
<li>A <i>tropical storm warning</i> is also in effect across the Alabama coast.</li>
<li><i>Storm surge warnings</i> have been issued to include Mississippi and Alabama coastal regions, areas which are served by Southern Company subsidiaries Alabama Power and Mississippi Power.</li>
<p>The combination of warnings for hurricane, tropical storm and storm surge means life-threatening conditions are possible, generally within 48 hours.</p>
<p>Alabama Power,&nbsp;Mississippi Power and Georgia Power&nbsp;urged those in Zeta’s path to prepare as company resources readied to respond to the severe weather.</p>
<p>Preparations for Zeta come amid a busy storm season that has seen the Southern Company system help restore power to millions from the Northeast to the Midwest, Texas and Louisiana under the industry’s mutual assistance program.</p>
<p>Crews only recently completed power restoration in the wake of Hurricane Sally. Southern Company personnel also rendered aid in 2020 following&nbsp;Hurricane Laura, Tropical Storm Isaias&nbsp;and a violent derecho wind event that tore through the Midwest.</p>
<p>Those responding continue to follow protective measures aimed at keeping workers safe from the coronavirus. The protocols enable the system and industry to&nbsp;respond safely during the pandemic&nbsp;to keep the lights on and gas flowing.</p>