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Southern Company statement on the passing of Rosalynn Carter

(Credit: The Carter Center)

Southern Company today issued the following statement on the passing of former first lady of the United States and Georgia native Rosalynn Carter:

“We join the nation in mourning the passing of an incredibly inspirational figure, Rosalynn Carter. A Georgia native with an unwavering commitment to service, Mrs. Carter dedicated her life to improving the lives of others by advocating for mental health awareness, championing a variety of transformative humanitarian efforts, and creating a more inclusive and supportive society for all. We will continue to honor her legacy by remaining steadfast in our commitment to advancing mental health awareness and improving the well-being of our customers, communities, and employees. May her lifetime of selfless acts inspire us all to be more compassionate, understanding, and relentless in our pursuit of creating a better world. Our thoughts and prayers are with President Carter and the entire Carter family.”