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System support for Hurricane Florence

<p>Across the East Coast, communities are preparing for Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 storm expected to hit the Carolinas Thursday with wind speeds up to 140 miles per hour. Southern Company is working diligently with our industry peers and deploying restoration crews from across the system in preparation for the worst.</p>
<p>Today, Gov. Nathan Deal issued a state of emergency for the state of Georgia. Georgia Power is currently holding all other resources in the event the track continues to change and poses a greater threat to their service territory. According to the Vogtle Construction Support Center, Hurricane Florence is not expected to have an impact on the construction schedule or the building site beyond light rain.</p>
<p>Virginia Natural Gas, who is not expecting a direct hit, is preparing for potentially severe flooding and damaging winds across their service territory. The Chesapeake and Pivotal Propane plants are located in Zone 1 and under mandatory evacuation orders, but are being monitored from remote locations. 20 Field Service Reps have been identified and will travel to support VNG. Additional resources are available as needed to support both internal and external mutual aid.</p>
<p>Southern Power has two solar and two natural gas facilities preparing for Florence as well. Rowan and Cleveland Gas facilities have staged emergency supplies, and Plant Rowan has connected two diesel powered generators to allow for hydrogen auxiliaries to be operated in the event station service power is lost.</p>
<p>Response teams from Alabama, Gulf and Mississippi are in open communications with other power companies through the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Southeastern Electric Exchange</a>&nbsp;(SEE) and prepared to support in restoration. SEE is a trade association of 56 investor-owned electric utilities from Texas to Pennsylvania that coordinates getting members to help each other restore power during significant outages.<br>