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Conservation Partnership Yields Lasting Change

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and Southern Company first partnered in 2003 to restore and revive the populations and habitats of southern birds. Soon after, the program grew into a portfolio of efforts addressing critical conservation needs including long-term restoration of the longleaf pine ecosystem, recovery of imperiled species and community-based stewardship of forests, rivers, coastal areas and wetlands. This alliance is a successful model of conservation collaboration after 15 years of measurable outcomes and accelerated results.

This partnership approach to wildlife and natural resources conservation is addressing challenges with a long-term vision. Southern Company and NFWF officials – along with key conservation agencies, thought leaders and other organizations – meet annually to discuss progress and celebrate successes, tackle pressing conservation issues and further enhance their strategies and programs.

“We’ve built a forum that attracts significant conservation partners working together to make a real difference in the communities we serve,” explains Southern Company Environmental Stewardship Manager Leslie Cox.

This partnership has produced three main conservation programs: The Power of Flight program, the Longleaf Stewardship Fund and the Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration program. With Southern Company’s support, these programs have provided more than $31 million in funding through 308 grants. And, in 2017, the Longleaf Stewardship Fund reached a significant milestone surpassing 1 million acres of longleaf pine and critical habitat restored or enhanced.

The partnership between Southern Company and NFWF produces lasting impact today and for generations to come.

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