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Contact Us - Energy Auction

For Energy Auction questions and information, please contact the Independent Auction Administrators:

Primary Auction Administration Contact Info

TranServ International, Inc
Attn: Southern Company Energy Auction Administrator*
Business Hours Support: (763)-205-7099
Non-Business Hours Emergencies: 1-800-203-4442

Alternate TranServ Contacts

Kevin Burns: (763)-205-7081

*Please note that ALL correspondence needs to reference the attention of the Southern Company Energy Auction Administrator.

The Auction Administrators are available to answer questions that reasonably relate to the operation of the Energy Auction, the requirements and process for participating. They will make every effort to respond as promptly as possible, and will notify the questioner if, for whatever reason, they cannot do so within 5 business days.

Need to submit a question or complaint? Go here.

Notice: Any information provided by the Auction Administrator in response to questions is provided solely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon for any other purpose. Nothing contained therein is intended or written to constitute a legally binding representation, an offer to sell, or an offer to make available for sale any energy product. The operation of the Energy Auction is governed by the rules of the Bid Based Energy Auction, as set forth in tariff sheets on file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Any recipient of this communication should independently consult the Auction Rules, at In the event of any conflict between this communication and the Auction Rules, the Auction Rules shall control.