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Net Zero and Environmental Priorities
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through both internal efforts and partnerships with customers, communities and other industries. Our goal of Net Zero by 2050 includes direct (Scope 1) emissions across our electric and gas businesses. We are also committed to working with partners and customers to reduce upstream and downstream emissions.

  • Support a Just Transition for our employees and communities as we decarbonize our energy portfolio. 

  • Continuously improve energy efficiency through technological advancements and innovative programming across our service territories.

  • Meet or surpass all environmental laws and regulations – compliance is the foundation of our environmental commitment.

  • Practice conservation, promote biodiversity on our land and recognize our role in helping our neighbors and communities do the same.


Key to Southern Company’s environmental initiatives is a net zero transition focusing on GHG emissions reductions, decarbonization and a Just Transition. Other environmental priorities include sustainable transportation and alternative fuels solutions, effective management of air, water and waste, and environmental stewardship.