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Southern Company unveils new brand

<p><h3>Southern Company unveils new brand</h3>
<h4>AGL Resources becomes Southern Company Gas</h4>
<p>As Southern Company expands its business model to increase its natural gas presence, the company today unveiled a new corporate brand. The company also announced that its newest subsidiary, AGL Resources, has been renamed Southern Company Gas.</p>
<p>&quot;Southern Company's recent growth in natural gas has expanded our business beyond electricity, providing an excellent opportunity to review our brand,&quot; said Southern Company Chairman, President and CEO Thomas A. Fanning. &quot;By adding Southern Company Gas while developing the full energy portfolio, Southern Company has doubled its customer base, expanded its footprint and broadened the scope of our business. Today we are a leading national energy company that is better positioned to deliver real solutions for customers.&quot;</p>
<p>Southern Company's electric utilities have served customers and communities in the Southeast for more than a century. With the recent Southern Company Gas merger, the Southern Company system now operates in 18 states, serving more than 9 million customers, with a continued focus on creating real energy solutions to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable power.</p>
<p>Southern Company Gas is helping the Southern Company system best meet customers' energy needs today while providing for the development of tomorrow's energy infrastructure. For communities, the combined company is expanding its customer-focused business model. And for investors, the merger created a unique platform that is well-positioned to compete for growth across the energy value chain.</p>
<p>In addition, Southern Company recently acquired PowerSecure, a leader in distributed infrastructure development that specializes in the kinds of customer-facing energy solutions that are becoming increasingly important to many customers across America.</p>
<p>Southern Company's new brand represents the first design change in more than 20 years and is the result of research conducted by engaging employees, company leaders and other stakeholders as part of an extensive brand review.</p>
<h3>Branding Q&amp;A</h3>
<p>Southern Company's growth in natural gas through the acquisition of AGL Resources/ Southern Company Gas has expanded the company's business beyond electricity and provided an opportunity to review its brand.</p>
<p>The new brand honors the past and builds for tomorrow, reflecting the company's leadership in creating America's energy future.</p>
<p>No. The Southern Company system will maintain its long-standing commitment to providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to customers.</p>
<p>The company's new brand is the first design change in over 20 years and is the result of research conducted by engaging employees, company leaders and numerous other stakeholders as part of an extensive brand review.</p>
<p>The new brand will be incorporated across the new system of companies through a thoughtful, deliberate and efficient process managed over time by each of the operating and distribution companies.</p>