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Southern Company recognized as 2020 SEPA Utility Business Models Power Player of the Year

<p style="text-align: center;"><i>Southern Company system’s Smart Neighborhood<sup>TM</sup> Initiative receives recognition for “unique innovation”</i></p>
<p>Southern Company has been named the 2020 Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) Utility Business Models Power Player of the Year. The announcement comes as part of SEPA’s annual awards that celebrate innovation and collaboration of utilities, industry players and individuals shaping the future of energy.</p>
<p>The Utility Business Models Power Player of the Year award recognizes organizations, project teams and/or individuals who have demonstrated unique innovation and leadership in efforts to create new utility business models that advance the adoption of clean energy resources and help to achieve carbon reduction and clean energy goals.</p>
<p>Southern Company’s first-of-its-kind Smart Neighborhood Initiative is a real-world R&amp;D project designed to help inform how energy could be produced, delivered and consumed in the future. In Smart Neighborhoods designed and developed by the Southern Company system and its project partners, homeowners agree to allow data collection on power usage and environmental information from their homes which, along with data from the distributed energy resources, will provide researchers valuable operational experience as the company continues to evaluate microgrids, residential battery storage and rooftop solar. Data collected from the HVAC systems, heat pump water heaters and other technologies will help inform new programs and services that will better meet customer needs. The state-of-the-art homes and latest technologies benefit customers through improved comfort and convenience as well as lower operating costs. Additionally, the Southern Company system’s renewable energy subscription programs and grid investment plan demonstrate its commitment to building the future of energy.</p>
<p>“This year’s Power Players winners showcase innovation in clean energy,” said SEPA President &amp; CEO Julia Hamm. “They are spearheading the visionary projects, innovative programs, and collaborative partnerships that will accelerate the transition to a clean and modern energy future. As our industry grapples with unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, this leadership is more necessary now than ever.”</p>
<p>The Southern Company system’s Smart Neighborhood Initiative demonstrates the company’s industry-leading commitment to building the future of energy. The Southern Company system continues to increase the reliability, resiliency and affordability of the clean energy delivered to the system’s customers and communities.</p>