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Southern Company Presents the Top ‘Good Energy’ Moments of 2022

For Southern Company, 2022 has been a year full of good energy.

2022 Year In Review

Throughout the year, Southern Company has made a difference — helping customers and communities thrive, exploring new energy solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow and making progress toward a more equitable future.

“Southern Company experienced another exceptional year in 2022 and our accomplishments this year were nothing short of historic,” says Southern Company Chairman, President and CEO Tom Fanning. “Our success is driven by placing our customers at the center of everything we do as we provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy solutions that make lives better.”

Southern Company’s 2022 ‘Year in Review’ video rolls through the top “good energy” moments, including:

These positive actions and others detailed in the video align with Southern Company’s commitment to keeping employees, customers and communities at the center of everything the company does.

“2022 has been full of peaks and achievements,” explains Fanning. “That’s a testament to our amazing 27,000 employees and their hard work, our system’s resiliency and the bright future we have ahead of us. I’m so grateful for the year we’ve had and look forward to 2023.”