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Southern Company Reliably Serves Record Winter Peak Electric Demand

The Southern Company system reliably served a historic amount of electricity on January 17, reaching a preliminary all-time record winter peak load of 39,934 MW. The figure surpasses that of past winter weather events, including 2014’s polar vortex and 2022’s Winter Storm Elliott.

While the winter weather did not result in a new peak-demand record for gas usage, robust on-system storage proved to be one of the many factors that enabled Southern Company Gas to meet customer demand.

Along with steps to ensure the readiness of the electric generating fleet and power delivery system, preparations included, among other things, activating around-the-clock staffing plans at critical facilities to ensure teams were ready to safely respond even when wintry conditions made travel difficult. The average temperature across the system’s electric service territory fell to 15 degrees during the peak demand hour.

“Our teams work hard throughout the year to be ready so customers can rely on us during extreme conditions and every day,” said Todd Lucas, Southern Company’s general manager of bulk power operations. “We know just how much people are counting on us and we’re committed to being there for them.”

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