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Southern Company Attorneys Selected for Prestigious Fellows Program

Leadership Council for Legal Diversity prepares future generations of diverse talent for leadership positions

Several Southern Company system attorneys have been selected to participate in two prestigious programs with the Leadership Council for Legal Diversity (LCLD).   

Ruby Jackson, counsel at Southern Power, and Latoya Brisbane, senior counsel at Georgia Power, will participate in the LCLD Fellows Program. Calida Joy McCampbell, assistant to vice president Quentin Riggins at Alabama Power, and Felicia Long, contracts agent at Southern Nuclear, will participate in the Pathfinders Program. 

The year-long Fellows Program is designed to build relationships and leadership skills in experienced high-potential attorneys from diverse backgrounds, while the Pathfinders Program focuses on building these skills in early-career attorneys from diverse backgrounds.   

“Ruby, Latoya, Joy and Felicia have shown excellent leadership skills and have demonstrated a commitment to Southern Company’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.  Through these programs, they will have the opportunity to further refine these skills, build relationships and expand their network,” said Jim Kerr, Southern Company executive vice president and chief legal officer. 

LCLD is a non-profit organization that promotes creating a diverse legal profession and is comprised of more than 350 members, who serve as either general counsel of major corporations or managing partners of law firms. The member organizations participate in programs that prepare diverse talent for leadership positions. Southern Company has been an active participant and sponsor of LCLD for the past six years. 

“LCLD is a terrific organization, and I am very supportive of all that they do.  I am excited to have more of our talented people participate in their programs,” Kerr said. 

Once the attorneys complete the program, they will continue their professional development by attending pro bono, networking and continuing legal education events organized by the programs’ active alumni.