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Southern Company collaborating with Singularity on grid carbon reporting

Southern Company is a leader in the development and deployment of technologies that deliver on our commitment to clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to customers. As our generation fleet grows to meet evolving customer energy needs, we remain committed to our goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Our growing portfolio of low- and zero-carbon resources will play an integral role in meeting this goal, along with other emerging clean technology solutions.

As we continue our journey to net-zero GHG emissions, many customers are increasingly seeking visibility into their carbon emissions to better inform decarbonization strategies. As an example, Southern Company recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), representing all U.S. government agencies, both civilian and defense, to work together to develop a process for the certification and reporting of Renewable Energy Certificates and Scope 2 emissions, including hourly time matching of load and generation, for electricity delivered to federal facilities within Southern Company’s service footprint.

To respond to customer expectations like those of the U.S. government, Southern Company has engaged Singularity Energy, an advanced carbon and clean energy management software platform for utilities and grid operators. The grid carbon data platform is aimed at offering transparency to customers regarding their energy mix. Founded by a team with diverse expertise in power systems, carbon accounting and software development, Singularity is backed by Energy Impact Partners and other energy investors.

Southern Company is collaborating with Singularity to develop a platform that can provide hourly energy emissions data. The collaboration will leverage operational data from our generation fleet and unique customer usage data to provide robust reporting capabilities required by the U.S. government and other customers as they scale clean energy and program participation within Southern Company’s service footprint. 

“Tying carbon emissions to a specific customer’s usage is complex, and as we continue to innovate, collaborations like this one with Singularity will help us more efficiently and economically advance emerging solutions our customers expect,” said Clay Rikard, vice president of System Planning for Southern Company.

Southern Company remains at the forefront of delivering sustainable energy solutions. Our commitment to research and development and creative collaborations is essential to developing innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

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