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Creating the STEM workers of tomorrow

<p>The South Super-Regional Championship of the FIRST Robotics Tech Challenge was held March 23 - 25 in Athens, Georgia. FIRST, which stands for &quot;For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,&quot; allows seventh grade to senior-level students to be engaged with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in a unique and exciting way. Southern Company was a presenting sponsor of the competition.</p>
<p>Every year a new challenge is announced and a kit of parts is provided to each team. They then have six weeks to strategize, design and fabricate a competitive robot for the championship.</p>
<p>Seventy-two teams from eleven southern states competed for coveted spots in the national championship at this year&#39;s tournament. Georgia Power employees were there to help students finish and repair their robots throughout the competition.</p>
<p>&quot;For us, it&#39;s much bigger than writing a check and putting our name on something. It&#39;s really about showing these kids that we&#39;re excited about what they&#39;re doing, we believe in what they&#39;re doing, and that they&#39;re the kind of kids we want to hire into our future workforce,&quot; said Brooke Perez, workforce development manager at Georgia Power.</p>
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