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Making our communities better

Celebrating Fran Forehand in our Women’s History Month series


<p>Fran Forehand, vice president of customer service and operations for Mississippi Power, is responsible for operating and maintaining a reliable electric system that serves 188,000 customers across 23 counties in southeast Mississippi. Fran has served in many roles throughout the Southern Company system during her career.</p>
<p>In the video above, Fran explains how early in life her parents instilled in her, as one of 12 children, the value of giving back to your community and how we each have something special we can give to others.</p>
<p>In her efforts to support the community, Fran ensures that she mentors numerous people in order to develop and prepare the next generation for the future.</p>
<p>Fran also shares a piece of advice for leaders, “Be yourself, stay genuine to who you are and lead from the heart. Servant leadership will serve you well.”</p>