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Rebuilding and restoring following Hurricane Michael

<p>Last week, Hurricane Michael hit Florida’s Gulf Coast, Southern Alabama and Georgia. Approximately 614,000 customers within the Southern Company service territory were impacted by the Category 4 storm.</p>
<p>Thousands of crew members continue to work around the clock to restore power to customers and rebuild heavily impacted areas:</p>
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<li>As of Noon EDT on Monday, Oct. 15, Georgia Power has restored power to 97 percent, or more than 375,000 customers, impacted by Hurricane Michael. The company has more than 5,800 personnel restoring power for the approximately 15,000 customers located in the hardest hit areas in Southeast Georgia who received the most destructive damage. Estimates have those restorations being completed by Tuesday night or earlier. More than 390,000 Georgia Power customers were affected by the storm.</li>
<li>More than 140,000 Gulf Power customers were impacted by Hurricane Michael. Already, 95 percent of all customers who can receive power in Panama City Beach west of Highway 79 have been restored. Gulf Power anticipates 95 percent of their customers who can accept electric service will be restored by midnight Wednesday, Oct. 24 – just 14 days after Hurricane Michael made landfall.</li>
<li>Alabama Power crews completed restoration work in Alabama on Sunday morning and are now helping restore service to people in Georgia and Florida. More than 83,000 Alabama Power customers were affected by the storm.</li>
<li>Gas assets in Georgia and Virginia were largely spared from service impacts and damage.</li>
<li>PowerSecure is delivering on its reliability and service promised to its distributed infrastructure customers.</li>
<p>Nationwide, electric companies mobilized an army of more than 35,000 workers from at least 27 states and Canada to restore power safely and as quickly as possible.<br>