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Co-op student helps protect Southern Nuclear from cyber threats

<p>As a child, Bryant Hall was fascinated by computers. This interest continued into college where he studied computer engineering. Today, Bryant is a co-op student working in cyber security at Southern Nuclear Company (SNC). Bryant is part of the “STEM Path to the MBA” program at the University of Alabama. This program seeks to give top engineering and science students the opportunity to complete their MBA in one additional calendar year. Bryant recently graduated with his bachelor of science in electrical engineering this past May and hopes to obtain his MBA next spring.</p>
<p>Currently in his fourth co-op rotation at SNC, Bryant’s job is to protect nuclear plant systems from cyber security threats. Bryant believes he was set up with the foundation to succeed from his first day on the job. “My supervisor, Stacy Baskin, has been infinitely helpful throughout my co-op terms. He always made it a goal to show me that I must own the projects I’m given and give them my best,” Bryant describes.</p>
<p>While the exact scope of Bryant’s job is confidential, his work is making a tremendous impact for Southern Company and, in turn, our customers and communities.</p>
<p>“I’ve learned so much about the industry and nuclear as well as project management, many things I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to,” says Bryant as he reflects on his co-op experience. “What I have learned will help me in the future, no matter where I end up.”</p>
<p>Bryant’s work in cyber security also challenges him to be more aware of potential threats in his personal life.</p>
<p>“This experience is really unique,” Bryant says. “I’ve taken a lot of what I’ve learned into my day-to-day life, thinking more about how I can secure the things most important to me.”</p>