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Southern Company releases annual Corporate Responsibility Report

<p>Southern Company today released its annual Corporate Responsibility Report as part of an ongoing commitment to discuss environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics in an open and honest way.</p>
<p>Southern Company’s Corporate Responsibility Report for year-end 2018 highlights its efforts to improve the lives of customers and employees while acting as good stewards of the communities it serves and delivering value to its stakeholders.</p>
<p>“At Southern Company, we have the privilege of providing the clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy that millions depend on to live, work and play,” said Tom Fanning, president, chairman and CEO of Southern Company.</p>
<p>“We operate every day understanding the responsibility that comes with our privilege to serve. Our system’s thousands of employees work every day to help protect and conserve our world for future generations – because it is the right thing to do,” Fanning said.</p>
<p>Beyond sharing ESG progress and milestones achieved, Southern Company’s <a href="/content/dam/southern-company/pdf/corpresponsibility/2018_Corporate_Responsibility_Report.pdf" target="_blank">2018 Corporate Responsibility Report</a> reflects its commitment to transparent, open dialogue that enables stakeholders to more easily understand and monitor its progress.</p>