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Darryl Snow engineers a safer, better solution

<p><i>Editor’s note: In honor of National Engineers Week Feb. 17-23, we are spotlighting some of our engineering leaders who are making a difference in the industry and the company.</i></p>
<p>One of the key themes of how we are operating our business is Business Modernization. We are becoming more efficient, reducing costs and continuously looking for ways to improve. By doing this, we can reinvest capital back into the core businesses to better serve our customers.</p>
<p>When Darryl Snow, a staff engineering analyst in Engineering &amp; Construction Services, observed field technicians were having difficulty installing new parts in the revenue meters in our generation fleet, he realized there needed to be an easier, more efficient way.</p>
<p>&nbsp;Across Generation, more than 1,000 revenue meters are being replaced over the next several years with a new product that improves reliability and quality. While the new instrument delivers improvements, its installation required significant panel modification and rewiring. That work took two employees about 10 man-hours to complete.</p>
<p>Working with a third-party vendor, Snow designed a transition piece and improved the process for the new instrument. He provided ideas for the meter transition plan and worked with field technicians and engineers on the first few installations. Ultimately, a modification kit was developed that allows the new product to be inserted in the old meter cradle, <b>reducing installation time to nearly zero.</b></p>
<p>Snow’s solution will deliver a potential savings of 10,000 man-hours, or five man-years, of labor. Not only will this revolutionize the recalibration process, this innovative solution puts Safety First by reducing risks when cutting and grinding into steel panels and helping avoid damage to peripheral equipment.</p>
<p>“As a member of the safety council for E&amp;CS Electrical Systems &amp; Field Support, being able to make this labor-intensive task more efficient and safer for our employees was most important to me,” said Snow.</p>
<p>Snow’s commitment to <i>Superior Performance</i> and <i>Safety First</i> is another example of how Southern Company employees throughout the system live Our Values every day and help us continue to improve. Ultimately, finding new and innovative ways to work safely and efficiently while reducing unnecessary costs helps us improve how we do our business.</p>