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Southern Company’s New Ventures group partners with emerging clean tech companies on decarbonization solutions

In this video, Senior Vice President of Customer Solutions Hank Adams describes how Southern Company’s New Ventures team is working with emerging clean tech companies such as Moxion Power and Rheaply, portfolio companies of Energy Impact Partners (EIP), a global venture capital fund that invests in energy and clean tech startups with potential impact for customers and the utility industry. Southern Company is a co-founder of EIP, and an investor in four of EIP’s equity funds. The New Ventures team is actively working with Moxion, Rheaply and others companies to identify and pilot innovative solutions for decarbonization.

Moxion co-founder and President Alex Meek talks about Moxion’s clean battery electric solution, the MP-75 mobile battery unit. The MP-75 helps promote sustainability by providing onsite power for industries as diverse as construction, film and entertainment, events, utilities, telecommunications and disaster response, many of whom have previously relied on fossil fuel solutions for remote power. The MP-75 was recently deployed to deliver zero-emissions power at the TOUR Championship in Atlanta. The unit was used to power Southern Company’s SO Cool Zone and hospitality chalet at the 10th hole, setting a new standard for sustainable energy solutions.

Garry Cooper, co-founder and CEO of climate technology company Rheaply, describes how his company is working in the circular economy by building platforms, products and solutions to help large organizations with reuse of equipment and materials. It is believed that the circular economy, at scale, can potentially reduce global carbon emissions by 45%.