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Student Programs

"Our student cooperatives and interns bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that help us deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. We look to them as potential future leaders not only in our company, but more importantly, in the communities where we live and serve."

Christopher C. Womack, President and CEO


Students of Southern Company

Students of Southern Company goals include fostering an inclusive work environment for cooperative education students and providing an avenue for students to build camaraderie among themselves, expand their knowledge of the company and develop professional and leadership skills. Led by active students, the group coordinates site tours, networking opportunities, community service events, social events, lunch and learns and other activities. Get Involved!


Student Program FAQs

A housing stipend was included in my offer. What do I need to do to begin receiving the housing stipend?

After the work term begins, students receiving a housing stipend should provide lease documentation to their supervisor who will coordinate the stipend payout through HR Direct. Not all positions are eligible for a housing stipend.

Are co-ops and interns eligible to receive benefits?

Co-ops and Interns are eligible to receive some benefits. Please refer to the CO-OP and Intern Manuals found on the Student Programs Portal home page for details.

Are co-ops eligible for 401K?

No, co-op students are not eligible to participate in the 401K program.

When a co-op goes on Leave to Graduate, what happens to the vacation time accrued?

Co-ops should be paid for any unused vacation at the end of their last work term before they go on Leave to Graduate status.

I am a co-op or intern that lives in one state and works in another. What state do I pay income taxes in?

In most cases, you will pay income taxes in the state in which you earned your wages. Please check with a tax professional to check the rules within your state.

Can I get involved with assisting recruitment of the next groups of co-ops/interns?

Yes. Approval must be gained from your supervisor. Contact your recruiting to express your interest and for guidance on gaining approval.

I am a current co-op or intern graduating this semester. What do I need to do to secure a job with Southern Company?

Access JobSource through your mySource account to review and apply to the most current list of openings. Also communicate with your supervisor about your interests.

Is it possible to switch from my current assigned group to a different group?

The co-op program is designed for students to complete their rotations with their original group. If you are in a group that does not seem like a good fit please contact your recruiter to discuss potential changes. In all cases make sure you continue to perform well in your current assignment.